Bod•ē TEN Clinical Synopsis

The goal of this study was to perform pilot clinical testing on the effects of a Bod•ē Pro, Inc. novel nutraceutical formula on human mitochondria at the cellular level, to help plan a clinical proof-of-concept trial. The nutraceutical formula, TEN, contains a number of ingredients, known to support mitochondrial functions. Mitochondria are intracellular organelles, responsible for producing cellular energy. They consist of membranous bodies that can either appear as oval bodies or as an interconnected web of tubes. Therefore, when evaluating the amount of mitochondria in a cell, this is discussed as mitochondrial mass per cell, rather than the number of mitochondria per cell.

These three pilot projects have generated results to support the effects of TEN at the cellular level, particularly under stressed human culture conditions. The TEN formula possess the ability to induce a significant increase in the number of mitochondrial organelles within human leukocytes (white blood cells) after 2 hours (a rapid 20% increase) and a greater increase (32%) after the 4 week period.* TEN created a significant increase (14%) in the functional capacity/energetics of the mitochondria within 2 hours of consumption.*

TEN formula showed robust antioxidant capacity and contains antioxidants capable of penetrating into cells and protecting them from the inside-out, when the cells were exposed to free radical stress.* TEN supported mitochondrial metabolic activity under normal, oxidative stress and inflamed human culture conditions.* TEN supported healthy mitochondrial mass per cell under specific culture conditions: Mitochondrial mass per cell was mildly supported by TEN under normal conditions and strongly supported under inflamed conditions. The human cultures under oxidative stress showed some support by TEN for the more active cells (monocytes and PMN cells).

Although these three studies were small in scale and no conclusive findings can be inferred from them, their results are extremely promising. Bod•ē Pro is planning to use the data gathered from these initial studies to conduct a larger human clinical study to further confirm these preliminary findings.

Bod•ē TEN Clinical Synopsis   


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